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Let Qualified by PullRequest handle your code challenge evaluations end-to-end. Simply provide a few details for each candidate and we'll administer a real-world code challenge problem, have a team of experienced experts evaluate their solution, and provide you with an actionable, human-readable assessment report. It's that easy.

Conduct custom code challenges.
Code Challenges

Problems designed by experience and data.

Code challenges designed to highlight the skills that matter most and help your future top performers stand out.

  • Code challenge problems for all programming languages and frameworks. Backend, frontend, mobile, even DevOps.
  • Designed and refined by experts with extensive careers hiring software engineers for their own teams.
  • Already use your own code challenges? We can support these, too.
Receive exhaustive technical assessments.

Evaluated by experts on-demand.

Our network of expert engineers review and assess your candidate’s code challenge to detect experience level, attention to detail, and language skill.

  • Your company and your candidates remain anonymous to our reviewers, enabling objective and bias-free feedback.
  • Reviewed by experienced experts who look for the things that matter, highlighting strengths and uncovering hidden red flags.
  • Save your senior staff some time. Keep your candidate pipeline and product progress moving in parallel.

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Kevin Gibbon, Founder, Shyp

"PullRequest's technical assessments have been an excellent filter for hiring the very best candidates. With a network of thousands of reviewers, they're better and more consistent than our internal teams at adequately assessing skill based on language and framework expertise. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Kevin Gibbon, Founder, Shyp, Airhouse

Capitalize on insights and analysis
Written by Humans for Humans

Objective, clear insights.

You'll receive a technical assessment report from PullRequest detailing the caliber of your candidates based on their code challenge solution.

  • Our developer score card reports are designed to be easy to read. No technical background required.
  • Assessments by exceptional, experienced software engineers with good sense. All factors are taken into account.
  • Value that extends beyond the hiring decision. Get a clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of your new hires so you can best set them up for success starting day one.

Simple, fair pricing

$250 / candidate

Whenever you need it. No minimum commitment.

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The best solution for evaluating junior developers, senior architects, technical executives, and every role in-between.

Code challenge evaluations for all languages & frameworks

Code challenges for C++, React, Go, JavaScript, Pythoh, PHP, Ruby, Swift and more. Code challenges for C++, React, Go, JavaScript, Pythoh, PHP, Ruby, Swift and more.

Explore all supported technologies here. Looking for something else? Email us.